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For the first time we embark on a Sci Fi MMO. After over a decade of swinging sword and axe, shooting a bow or casting spells, we are eager to "upgrade" the weapons to Lightsabers, Blasters and well... some more spells.

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Midwinter News


Ilindyth, Apr 8, 12 1:54 PM.
So it comes to happen that <Midwinter> merged with <Dawn of the Sun>.

After some weeks debating the merge both parts believe it will trully benefict both Guilds. Well... only 1 Guild now :p

Contact Ilindyth ingame if you haven't allready, to get your new Guild invite.

Not the end... A change of color can bring new and better adventures.

The False Emperor has fallen!

Ilindyth, Feb 9, 12 5:52 PM.
& we mean literally!

As Rakurduk (Vanguard), Mukele (Commando), Krogerd (Jedi Sage) and Ilindyth (Gunslinger), finally gathered for the first HM Flashpoint, and plowed through Darth Malgus's Space Station, all Bosses down except the Sith Entity due to lack of time (damn those social missions in RL!). As mentioned, Darth Malgus fell into his death when the group pushed him off with them handy grenades.

Concerning loot, apart from some upgrades from the other Bosses, off course Malgus refused to drop a usefull BP, so gratz Rot on the 1st Midiwnter HM. :p

About them screenys... yeah... Seems the photographer was kinda under the influence of Spice so... yeah... Rest assured, he has been fired à la Donald Trump & there was much rejoice (even though no screenys...)

We're here!

Ilindyth, Dec 15, 11 2:18 PM.
We finally enter the world after 3 days of early access. We are gathering the troops now and focusing on lvling up our mains.

For now here is an image of the first moments of a Smuggler on Ord Mantell with his own ship on the background. Expect some group fun soon.

Midwinter has been deployed!

Ilindyth, Dec 12, 11 7:52 PM.
Midwinter has been deployed on the Peragus Mining Facility, which as we expected is a PvE English server. We're all locked'n'loaded and ready for our early start. See you all ingame!

Midwinter's new site goes live!

Ilindyth, Dec 9, 11 12:40 PM.
Since Bioware's site will poof in a couple of weeks, here we go.
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